[Diagnosis of the wall-thickened lesions of the gallbladder with dynamic MRI]

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Year 1998

Takashima T. Nakazawa S. Yoshino J. Inui K. Kanemaki N. Wakabayashi T. Okushima K. Kobayashi T. Nakamura Y. Ukai H. Hattori T. Miyoshi H. Anno H.

Department of Internal Medicine, Second Teaching Hospital, Fujita Health University, School of Medicine.

We studied 32 patients with the thickened lesions of the wall of the gallbladder by using dynamic MRI. We tried the differential diagnosis of gallbladder lesions according to the time intensity curve (TIC) and enhanced pattern. TIC of carcinoma was elevated more seeply from plain to arterial phase than the inflammatory diseases. The Inflammatory diseases were keeping three-layer structures of the wall of the gallbladder, but gallbladder carcinoma destroys the wall-structure. We could diagnose as direct liver invasion of the carcinoma clearly. We could exactly diagnose adenomyomatosis in dynamic MRI by small low intensity spots within the wall of the gallbladder. In the patients with gall stones, the wall of the gallbladder were more clearly observed in dynamic MRI compared with US and EUS.