[Frequent chemolipiodolization and prostaglandin E1 administration for hepatocellular carcinoma with advanced liver cirrhosis]

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Year 1998

Kakizoe S. Kakizoe Y. Kakizoe S.

Dept. of Surgery, Kakizoe Hospital.

"Frequent Chemolipiodolization & Prostaglandin E1 administration Therapy (FCPT)" which performed frequent chemolipiodolization to Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) intra-hepatic arterial administration for avoiding serious liver damage by using reservoir was carried out for 7HCC cases with severe liver cirrhosis. Chemolipiodolization was performed every 4 weeks to 6 cases. PGE1 was given to all cases with 10 or 20 micrograms/4 hours every week after 7 days administration. In 6 cases that carried out Chemolipiodolization, FCPT demonstrated complete response in a case and partial response in 3 cases. Two other cases showed the progression of HCC in spite of the frequent chemolipiodolization. The serum hepaplastin levels were stable or improved in 5 cases. Improvement of the serum total protein levels was seen in the long survival cases. The general malaise of all cases was disappeared after FCPT. In 5 cases who had ascites before FCPT, the ascites was gradually decreased. We concluded that the FCPT was useful to treat HCC with advanced liver cirrhosis, and also the intra-hepatic arterial administration of PGE1 might have the possibility that is contributing to the liver function improvement of a liver cirrhosis.